Revolutionise your grappling


Available in two sizes, the APEX electric grapple carriage is a light-weight grapple carriage powered by an electric motor.

The carriage uses regenerative power to re-charge a non- flammable battery pack. This ground-breaking technology eliminates issues associated with combustion engines, i.e. engine mounts cracking or engine failure from continuous operation at steep angles.

A simple control system has all functions on one joystick for ease of operator use. High definition, wide angle cameras give your operator unparalleled views of the terrain and stems for quicker cycle times.

The swing arm design combined with a hanging grapple means the grapple stays square to the payload, reducing stress and fatigue on the structure, and increasing payload capacity.

It’s dead simple to operate and the grab is way gruntier than anything else I’ve used.”

Rueben – Operator at Yarding Solutions