Keep your eye on the target.


The APEX Grapple Camera is a 3D-aware, heavy duty, high-definition camera designed to increase production and make your job as an operator much easier.

The 3D aware system senses ‘direct down’ from the grapple which is shown with a scope on your screen. The dot stays on ‘direct down’ as the camera moves to assist you in dropping the grapple on target every time.

The unrivalled HD camera offers a clearer, wider view of the cutover, allowing a fast pickup and quicker cycle times.

Operating in the harsh work environment of a yarder grapple, the camera is designed with isolated internals inside a high tensile casing and a 10mm thick lens to withstand the hardest knocks.

A simply laid out touch screen lets you zoom and flip the image. The camera auto-adjusts for low light and the exposure can be manually fixed for situations with quickly changing light.

Diagnose faults quickly with clear, graphical diagnostic information. Maintenance and repairs are effortless with simple assembly and installation.

Boasting over 1.5km of range with clear line of sight, an optional repeater station gives extra range.

Image quality1080P, 60fps
Field of view120°
Battery12 Ah, 14v

Massive improvement on production, it takes out the guesswork”

Matthew, Operator at Mike Hurring Logging