Remotely operated anchor machine.


The ROAM System can be fitted to any anchor machine and lets you operate your anchor machine from your yarder cab, increasing production and reducing labour costs.

A foldaway console in the yarder cab controls all the functions of the anchor machine. Three wide angle, HD cameras show different views for tracking and digging. The tracking cameras clearly show the front of the tracks for operator surety.

Warning lights and sirens on the anchor machine sound before starting to ensure no one is in the danger zone and can be hit. The controls can still be used manually for terrain that is too rugged for remote operation.

– Increase productivity with quicker line shifts
– Removes operator risk operating anchor machine hooked to ropes
– Reduce costs with no anchor machine operator required
– Increase anchor machine lifespan by warming up before the shift

It’s just like sitting in the cab, much safer and faster this way.”

Shane – Operator at Button Logging