Keep your breaker outs safe and increase your production by 40%. 


The APEX DC220 Smart Carriage is a 3D-aware dropline carriage using a low latency, high-definition camera to read the terrain and locate breaker outs in relation to the drag.

Wide-angle cameras give your yarder operator a live bird’s eye view of the cutover with overlays from the smart system reading terrain and locating your breaker outs on the hill with distance references from the drag. The hardy remote gives the HBO control of the breaking out and incorporates a ‘Deadman’ trigger to activate the carriage controls to ensure no accidental operation of the carriage.

A lagged and guarded dropline winch lets you lose or gain slack on the run, increasing production by up to 40% over traditional slackline carriages. Larger sheaves and no clamps or spitter wheel extend rope life. A hinging top section and full-width side doors make servicing and repairs quick and easy.

Weight1750 kg
EngineCummins 160 hp
Max dropline winch pull22 ton
Winch capacity130m
Dropline dia5/8” swaged
Skyline size1” – 1-3/8”

It’s huge for productivity. Being able to see the breakerouts is game changing.”

Grant Stewart – Owner at Stewart Logging