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The APEX HY202 Smart Yarder is a guyless two drum yarder. The HY202 uses direct drive, hydraulic power to produce superior pulling power and line speed.

The energy efficient, standalone hydraulic system uses regenerative power to create fuel savings and minimizes heat generation in the base machine hydraulic system.

The drum set can be operated independently or interlocked. Direct drive hydraulics means no reduction boxes, gears, clutches, or water brakes, saving thousands in repairs
and maintenance.

Lagged drums extend rope life, and both run 3/4” rope for extra lift in settings with minimal deflection.

An intuitive control system centres all controls on one joystick for ease of use and operator comfort.

Live drum camera views and drum set data are displayed on a LED touch screen.

Main rope3/4”
Tail rope3/4”
Main capacity350m
Tail capacity700m
Base Machine>30T
Pulling power>20T